MCL51 - Lockstep Quad Modular Redundant System​

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MCL65 -Cycle accurate MOS 6502 FPGA core​​

RISC-V Emulator

Convert an Apple II into an Apple 1 using MCL65+

MCLZ8 - Zilog Z80 Drop-in replacement and accelerator

MCL68+ - Motorola 68000 drop-in emulator

EPROM Emulator

Smallest and cheapest EPROM Emulator made today

Supports up to the 64KB  27C512

MCL86+ - Intel 8088 Drop-in replacement and accelerator

World's Fastest Commodore 64

MCL64 - MOS 6510 Drop-in replacement and accelerator

MiSTer PCXT - MCL86 used in the MiSTer PCXT PC emulator 

MCL51 -Microsequencer-based  Intel 8051 FPGA core

MCL68 – Motorola 68000 Emulator​

IBM PC 8088 Replaced with a Motorola 68000

MCL86 - Cycle accurate Intel 8086 FPGA core

World's Fastest VIC-20 Computer

MCL65+  6502 Drop-in replacement and accelerator​

MCL86jr – IBM PCjr Accelerator​

  ** World's Fastest IBM PCjr

World's Fastest Apple II Plus Computer

MCL65+  6502 Drop-in replacement and accelerator​