About MicroCore Labs

Hi, my name is Ted Fried.  Welcome to my website which highlights a few of my favorite projects!

Some of them have been world firsts, world's fastest.. or world's only!   :)

I have an interest in embedded designs which include microsequencer-based FPGA processor cores, high reliability computing, vintage CPU accelerators, and general embedded fun! 

Some of my CPU cores have been used to implement near-clones of the Intel 8086, 8051, and MOS 6502 processors which can be used as drop-in replacements for the original vintage computers.

I have also written a number of software emulators including the Motorola 68000,  MOS 6502 and RISC-V processors.

I enjoy looking for ways to combine vintage hardware with modern technology such as controlling a 1985 typewriter with a 2020 microcontroller!

All of my work is open sourced and available on GitHub and I have a number of videos on YouTube.

Please feel free to reach out to me!