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This is a website to demonstrate some of projects I am working on in a few areas of interest. Among them are the MCL86 and MCL51 which are ultra-small footprint, microsequencer based, Intel 8086 and 8051 processor cores as well as a Lockstep Quad Modular Redundant system which contains four MCL51 processor cores that can not only run in lockstep, but can rebuild themselves upon a failure and then rejoin the lockstep. More information is available under the Applications tab as well as a video demonstration on my YouTube channel.

MicroCore Labs notable projects:

- MCL86 and MCL51 are world's smallest Intel 8088/8086 and Intel 8051 processors cores.

- MCL86 is the only cycle compatible Intel 8088 core available.

- Implemented a four-core 8051 CPU using less space than a single gate-based 8051 core.

- Demonstrated a lockstep quad modular redundant system that can rebuild itself.

- MCL86 used to create the world's fastest IBM PCjr and the only core that has successfully run the 8088 MPH demo.

Please check out the Links tab to see some press written by my friends at EE Times, Embedded.com and Xilinx.

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