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This is a website to demonstrate some of projects I am working on in a few areas of interest. Among them are the MCL86, MCL51, and MCL65 which are ultra-small footprint, microsequencer based, Intel 8086, 8051, and MOS 6502 processor cores.  I have also developed a Lockstep Quad Modular Redundant system which contains four MCL51 processor cores which can run in lockstep as well as rebuild themselves upon a failure and then rejoin the lockstep. More information is available under the Applications tab as well as a video demonstration on my YouTube channel.

The cores are now available on GitHub: github.com/MicroCoreLabs/Projects

Some project highlights: 

- MCL86, MCL51, and MCL65 are world's smallest Intel 8088/8086, 8051, and MOS 6502 processors cores.

- MCL86 is the only cycle compatible Intel 8088 core available.

- A quad-core 8051 CPU utilizes less space than a single instance of a typical gate-based 8051 core.

- World's only lockstep quad modular redundant system that can rebuild itself.

- MCL86 used in the world's fastest IBM PCjr and is the only core to successfully run the 8088 MPH demo.

- MCL65 is the only microsequencer-based, cycle-exact 6502 processor core available.

To see some articles about my cores in EE Times, Embedded.com and Xilinx, click the Press tab above.

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