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Hi, my name is Ted Fried!  Welcome to my website where I demonstrate some of the projects in my areas of interest. Among these are microsequencer-based processors, high reliability computing, and general processor datapaths.  My ultra-small microsequencers have been used to implement near-clones of the Intel 8086, 8051, and MOS 6502 processors whose cycle accuracy has been demonstrated using the original vintage computers the processors were used in!

I recently spent some time working on a quad-issue superscalar RISC V processor core which had some early success.

Having developed microsequencer-based 8086, 8051, and 6502's I think I may starting working on a Motorola 68000 version and try using it in a Macintosh and an Atari ST!  Stay tuned!

As always I would love to hear how my cores could use used in neat applications and would love it if one of my cores made it into space!