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Quad Modular Redundant System

The Lockstep Quad Modular Redundant System consists of four MCL51 cores running in lockstep which can detect and recover from a variety of soft errors. Each module contains independent voting logic to detect errors and silently remove affected modules from the lockstep. Modules that can successfully rebuild themselves can rejoin the lockstep and resume running synchronously with the other modules. Each module can complete the process of detecting errors, rebuilding themselves, and rejoining the lockstep in around 700 microseconds.


Key Features:
Four MCL51 microsequencer-based 8051 processor cores running in Lockstep

Four independent Voters that detect errors and silently remove the  module from the lockstep

Modules can passively rebuild themselves without the intervention of neighboring modules

Once rebuilt, they can re-synchronize with neighboring modules and rejoin the lockstep in less than 1ms

The Lockstep QMR System can tolerate two simultaneous module failures

System consumes 12% of a Xilinx Artix-7 XC7A35

Please see the application note and YouTube demonstration of the Lockstep Quad Modular System, and for more information please contact me at info@MicroCoreLabs.com